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Rural Health

  • Ihiagwa is a central town in Imo State, Nigeria, linking many other towns in the area, such as Nnekede, Amaeze, Eziobodo, Obinze and Okolochi. It is the birth place of Dr. Kennedy Okere, the President and Founder of HIMM. Ihiagwa is the African headquarters of HIMM and is the location for HIMM's first hospital.

  • This is a major step towards the fulfillment of HIMM's vision for rural health development in developing countries. With all your support and prayers, we hope that the hospital will be completed by the end of 2005 so that it can be used during mission 2006.

  • For more information about Ihiagwa, please visit http://www.ihiagwa.org
  • In August, 2003, the World Owerri Peoples' Congress (WOPC) invited Dr. Okere to speak on his involvement in rural health development in Owerri, Imo State, during the Congress' annual conference held in Elizabeth, New Jersey. Dr. Okere, in his powerful and uplifting speech at the conference, challenged the people of Owerri in Diaspora concerning the need for rural health development in Owerri - Imo State.

  • This operational model will be replicated in different local communities.